• Sulo: RescueBernese (2004).

  • Caro: Helsinki Dog Show (1995).

  • Roope. ( 2008).

  • Sissi & Tessa (2011)

  • Tessa & Sissi. (2009)

  • Tessa & Stella. (2010)

  • Jethro (2015).

  • Spring2015.

  • Cindy & Jethro (Dec2014).

My Dog & Horse History begun at 1960's in Northern Finland: my first own dog was a mix breed female called "Susu". At that time I was a young school-girl of 10 years, living in a big Family and saving my "Pocket-Money" for Susu's Collar, for My FirstRiding Helmet and for Riding Lessons at Stables Kajaanin Prikaati, a combined Stable for PrivateHorses and for ArmyHorses.

ThePrikaatiArmyStable gave me the idea of learning more about "NaturalHorseManShip" (..learning this later on during my life thanks to Risto Vuoripalo, KariVepsä, Monty Roberts, Pat Parelli).

Many of those KajaaniFinnishArmyHorses were considered as "Grazy", only because the young army boys did not know how to treat Horses. At that time I was taking riding lessons at PrikaatiStables, and I found "Kiri", a Finnish Horse: he was regarded as a "HeadDiseaseGrazyHorse": he was not, only was he misstreated and lonely angry horse. We became very close & special Friends with "Kiri" - I was the only one to be allowed to go near Him!

My first contact with a PureBreedDog was"Pablo" (1973). He was a big handsome Bernese Mountain Dog, I fell in Love with Pablo! He was a very Important Dog for me, wise and handsome, also showing me a bit of My Future Life to be...

After Pablo I had several Bernese Mountain Dogs: Caro, Sulo, Roope, Ruu... They all died at very young age, 6 - 8 years more or less.

Meanwhile, around Year 1998, I bought a Finnish Horse Ukon Niko ( ex-trotter, his greatparent was famous Finnish trotter Vieteri).

Niko was a big-hearted "HorseTeacher" for me, He was very wise and also very typical "Finnish Man" ...Well, we learnt to know each-others, I taught Niko from trotting horse to DressageB level, he taught me to be "less-stressed"NokiaLady... Niko (with "rescue"Bernese Sulo)  also helped me through my Cancer period 2000-2003.

Later on, Niko was also "TheBigBoss" for my CamargueHorses which I imported into Finland from Avignon (France) 2004-2007.

During all my DogHistory, I have also been interested of small dog breed. I took a long time to study different Breeds, and then my final decision was Bolognese.

Well, I still study this new Breed, and I am very happy to have my First own Bolognese Litter September2015.

I am also very lucky to have found so kind and helpfull Bolognese Breeders from Abroad, and also some Finnish Bolo Friends when meeting at Dog Show or via Facebook Groups. 

I like to co-operate with both National & International dog Breeders.

At the moment I am based in Northern Finland, I have been living in Sweden, France, Mexico, Germany and Spain.

I occassionally go to Dog Shows with my dogs, but my main goal is to have well-natured/temperamented dogs according to Breeding Requirements.

I am a Member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Pyrenean Mastiffe Club, Finnish Toy Dog Club, Finnish Bolognese Club and Finnish SennenKoirat Club (Swiss Mountain Dog Breeds in Finland).

You are Welcome to be our Friend and send us a Message or a Question!, or just a Greeting from You! 

With Kind Regards - Ulla-Yvonne & The Dogs.